Marilyn Mayce

by BrokenKlutch

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The 3rd Release from BrokenKlutch: Marilyn Mayce

Marilyn Mayce is an imaginative collaboration album of Marilyn Manson & BrokenKlutch. The birth of this project stemmed asking the question… what would it be like if I was to work with Marilyn Manson himself?

Our views are not too far apart and the blunt presence and words are in comparison to Klutch himself, and what better way to bridge music between two genres.

The project consists of remixing a number of Marilyn Manson tracks and adding additional production, as well as upfront vocals. 7 tracks deep, the topics range from society suicide to female corruption to
religion and etc. Production, lyrics, sound arrangement & mixing, and artwork was done all
by BrokenKlutch.

Keep an open ear and listen to the message that it presents and hopefully you’ll see and hear beings attempting to reform the structure you call music and lifestyles that’s been mimicked and overkilled… better yet plagued.


released June 3, 2005

Recorded at Caveman Studio (Brighton, MA)

Aside from the Marilyn Manson music... additional music provided by BrokenKlutch.

Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering, digital art alters, and etc are done by BrokenKlutch


all rights reserved



BrokenKlutch Cambridge, Massachusetts

To be updated soon '2016

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Track Name: Unsatisfied Intro
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Unsatisfied Intro


Apart from stable
Thirsty for lust…
The cure will kill me… then I’ll make sure it’ll damage you
I feel destructive
Hear me… I feel destructive
Warning… I feel destructive
Can’t contain it… I feel destructive
Anytime it’ll just go…
I feel destructive…
I feel destructive… (x) many
Track Name: Declipsed the Major
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Declipsed tha Major

Verse I:

Let it go. Just let the sickness erode
Religion die slow. Termination exposed

Set off the system before the system denies
And rejects the allegations that poison is set to disguise

Just let it go. Accept whats been given on the daily basis.
Masquerade continues, hefty smell of stitching racists.

This alone is a test of where I stand.
Cause I’m rockin with unforgiven circumstances advanced

Preparing for dirty looks, and all that negativity has to offer
Clear my throat. Cussing is still my living sponsor

As I watch yall take the bait of what higher power’s feeding
PETA and Klutch are devising the act of receding

Call for help now, decommissioning’s upon you
And the clarity reeks of correction and will kill the blindfold that…

Haunts you… That foul essence of closure
The same shit that got your wrists slit and drugs loving you

Fiancé to death, slave to experimental giving’s
Go waste your life away… good ridings

The lights dimming… door’s opening wide
Left me to intercept the helping hand, application denied

Option 2’s recruiting; but it’s said to be filled with flames
But it’ll give you the encouragement, and find the truth that remains

Cracks, cave… the truth is out there go search
Unless you want to escape, well then you get what you deserve


Declipsed tha Major….
Bring it back
To when corruption was sucking on nipples
Building the red behavior
Extinct population of saviors
The evolution of slave labor
Burn tha Major

Declipsed tha Major….
Bring it back
To when corruption was sucking on nipples
Plotting the fake behavior
Extinct population of saviors
The evolution of slave labor
Burn tha Major

Verse II:

………..Life caught vapors. Reality catching the sacrifice
That left illusion pimping major

………..Prostituting immune slayers
Drama defense is critical becoming
Richard Bay players

Or the exploitation of government made man
Repeated déjà vu from situation of Stan’s

I wanna exit out. Take my life away.
It’s deeper than it seems to be presented but I’ll hush today.

Can’t give in. Still a pawn in this jungle
They don’t expect me to fire back, so I’ll give Demon

Dimensional dose will feed’em. The finger middle is branded
Vision impaired herd. Born again Christians are stranded

Better to kill’em off. Mental no physical harm
Unless they strap me up. Nun’s suck my dick… open awww

Goggle well… spit it over to the next bitch
I’m the least of your worries, save it for that bitch (up there)

Track Name: Damaged Revolt
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Damaged Revolt


Teeny boppers. Murder at will
Ignite the raw beast
Stomp with wrong cleats
We will not take this defeat

The philth plagues me, far from being sweet
Not thinking about pussy, distraction unseen

Rappers turning into metrosexual brauds
Upscaling there gangsta on their mixtape acting hard

Laughing blitz, someone’s bound the know the frauds
Pink is not right, faggots love that color

Fuck the guns, or the hoe’s you got, faggots love that color
Watch your back, literal, uncivil

But fuck the warning; you should’ve known that from the start
And I’m not excusing my ignorance, hushing won’t take part

To each is your right own right? So don’t listen
Matter of fact, break this cd, it’s free

I’m one of your last hopes of reconstructing the plea
So don’t knock my approach, this is a damaged revolt

I refuse to take anything back, this is me
Like Common’s “Resurrection”, or D.P.’s “Let’s Get Free”

And with the DNA of an African – My Blood’s lock
And with a system built of a Haitian – I rebel with a Lion’s heart

Move back *gibberish*

Move back *gibberish*


There’s been a breach
Watch out for the Beast
Don’t speak
Shh… sweetness… no peace
I got no time for the club shit
Or the pop shit…no trends… I see it all as bull shit

If you don’t switch your drugs
Experiments by them
Looking at you close leaving trails of broken bra’s
They love it when your boy’s dick get hard and there’s a kegger
You love taking the easy way out
You love getting into stupid situation but…

Watch yourself… right place wrong time
Wrong words, definitely wrong state of mind
Wrong body in the caskets, right time to get paid
Right time to set an example cause you chose the wrong words
Bad development – Bad Development

What... what… Ignite the raw beast
Don’t sleep… I walk with wrong cleats
It’s your fault… ignite the wrong cleats
Damaged revolt… don’t sleep….

Track Name: Look what you got yourself into...
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Look What You Got Yourself Into…


Look... what you got yourself into
Don’t know what the fuck your thinking or what you’ve been thru
But yall are reacting crazy, you got juped
I question the recovery and I’m laughing at you fools

Ewww… This is… getting ugly... Recovery lost
I’m still second guessing where everything went wrong
It might have been the pussy smoke, you started giving off

Blinded from the facts baby, you’re a hoe
The signals indicated. Translated to waterfall
The lust brawls….. Body slams preserve
Infatuated by the consistent treatment you don’t deserve

… Ewww. Justify the result. All facts are givin. Proof is in the air
Struttin like your disease free. Protection naked
If you don’t pay attention, then the risk is set to flare

(are you listening) Ghost dress in that nature.
Abuse is an excuse for temporary (??????)
But go out, party, play Barbie, get fondled
Open your mouth goggle, is that what your looking for bitch


Verse II:

Must I... start feeding you. Force feeding... Sit the fuck down.
Looking squanny as hell. Nasty… fuckin eat this shit.
Burgers down your throat…. They got me Rick J-ing the bitch.

They sweat you for a hot second then its over.
With a snap of my fingers, another shoulder's getting colder
Can’t fall back, smoke stressing the thin
The market lost a customer, reversing the win win

Sorry miss… I thought your arm was a pen.
And that’s a sample of extreme that you’re bound to get…
damn... that don’t make sense.
Allow me to introduce to you, The body that you neglected

This goes out to all the models… who feel they have to be thin to be beautiful…
unless its natural…that shit is completely disgusting…
I’ll feed you if I have to, But I want my money back.

(stop throwing up)


Verse III:

This is a growing situation.
So weak, dying confidence, you love defeat.
Don’t you, SPEAK UP. Act like a damn adult
You’re equal to man, but deny the result

At first it was sad… but now I’m starting to not give a fuck
Selfish, can’t ask for help, you’re invading yourself.
I’ll be damn if another told me what to do
Spit it back to there face, and say repeat but think it thru

…… Step up the strength.
……. And start sexing zero tolerance
Boo hoo… who gives a fuck… what bad happened.
Suck it up, move on, it’s life it’s just a bad reaction

And if you don’t. He won. Back to square 1.
Thinking about death, wishing to legalized gun
Back to square 1.
Woman’s history is slained. Girls don’t know how it begun
Track Name: Decayed Soul Weaver
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Decayed Soul Weaver

Background Chant:

The Creation of Evil, Lives On God’s Miserable Hand
The Plague that Cloaks, Lives On God’s Miserable Hand
Amnesia hopes & Chants, Lives on God’s Miserable Hand
The Balance Conclusion is Covered by the Likes of God’s Miserable Hand

Free Thought Inscribed:

I’m gonna to enlightened you a little bit
About my life
This is where me and religion stands
Even though I don’t know too much
I just know when I was young… when I studied it
It wasn’t apart of me
I felt empty
Putting faith in others
I was told to put faith in yourself
But it seems that people don’t do that shit
They go ahead and put another name in front of them
It kinda belittles them in a way, know what I’m sayin and…
Everytime I speak in my rhyme, I always bash god
God don’t mean shit to me
Jesus don’t mean shit to me
Wasted his fuckin life, for no apparent reason
But what am I though
I don’t know the Koran, I don’t know… fuckin the bible
I don’t know none of that shit
I can’t even give yall the… the perfect truth
But my own… you know what I’m sayin, and umm…
I know my own feel and I know where I fuckin stand
The fact is that I’m living life, every single damn day for self
Helping others out
Now do I need an angel to back me up on that shit
Do I need the name of god, to back me up on that shit
Or jesus, or Christianity, or anything, any type of religion
I’m just me
You’re either with me or against me
Simple as that
I don’t need no guidance
The fact is I’m here
I’m watching you
The same as everyone’s watching you
To either help out or to go against
I’m trying to free you
Why don’t you listen?
Track Name: Violent Story
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Violent Story


This is a violent story. Leather set for matrimony.
Jagged blade pocketed plotting for blood glory.

Revenge morning. The smell of sickness filled the air
The moon was the last light that evidence had declared.

The mere thought sparked the crave… drooling foam
Hunger had a mask itching the time it was alone.

To carry out the commandment. The instructional guide of rebel
10 steps of reverse. The system fit so well.

It was all about the timing now. Illusion activated
Reality don’t exist which made the movement fascinating

No rules. Nothing to holding it back.
The consequences were not a factor.

Mind, body, and soul already started travel to the next chapter
Alone still… the smile couldn’t be cleaner

Beaming at the targets leaving trails placed on paper.
Revealing the dialog that mystery ached for attention

Fun was aimed wrong. The pitch of the song was sung twisted
Pacing back and forth. Escalating the mischief

Tears of laughter came. Echoed thru the guts to the razor
Escaping out the tattooed vein.

Leaking the smoothing passion dripping on tar vapors
… Crows looked upon the cities children.

It started to venture out. Yelling out with knife in the pocket
A gun in the air… screaming it should’ve been happier…

(all hell’s about to break loose)
Track Name: Marilyn Mayce
BrokenKlutch “Marilyn Mayce”
Marilyn Mayce


And When I Thought There Was Peace
666 Appeared & There Was Hell To Release
Escape. Better Fast Forward Your Pace
A Dose of Stop & Stare Will Get You Marilyn Mayced


Kenevals people. Re-runs, repeats, and sequels
…….No where to run to. Exits blocked. I’m buggin

In the corner. Politicking crack stunners.
Swear they were stone cold. But reality bought back the gunners

Ski mask believers. LCD receivers
White powder tissue. Reflect the blood that’s heaving

Dope show. The sinner pollen is heavy
Trippin off the system. The anger function is building

Red Rum precision. Inflicting overwhelming response
Update you fuckers. On the neglect of word is bond

Reverse born. Rummage thru life with clothes torn
Episodes of suburban, rises up claiming scorn

Bullshit. It’s bullshit. Motherfucka I said bullshit.
Your sorry ass is killin a good situation

Just to feel related. Connected and incubated
Slap ghetto to your throats…. Feel the pain kids


Verse II:

And hold up… now… Insert the sacrificial disgrace.
Trapped with mechanical animals. I swear my blood was laced.

The world of Manson. The origin couldn’t be traced.
Acid residue pose model, the result is to your face

Launch, like it. Repeat the subliminal…
Easy take over, love it. You got no choice cause you live it

Dumb bitches. Listen now. Pay attention.
Behind the unexpected mirror, officials chanting screamin

(You’ll dieeeeeeeeeeee)
Watch yourself. Klutch wasting his breath, this is the second time

Must I identify, the fault, that resides with fire lines
They cut my horns since birth, must they re-appear one more time

One more time, reconnect with the Earth.
Penetrate the illus ional field. I refuse ride in a hearse

Not now anyway… Yall can’t get rid of me.
Under the hood, we preach remedy, if you dead me, then I’ll haunt you

All of you fuckas


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